• 20″ RRH Chrome-Lined LMG HBAR Barrel manufactured by Rosco
  • 5.56 Nato Chambered with 1-7 Twist, 4150 CMV “Machine Gun” Rated Steel
  • Red Right Hand’s Heat Mitigation System for Barrel
  • V7 Extreme Environment Inconel Gas Tube
  • Factory Correct* Thermo-set COLT LMG Handguards with Heat Shield
  • Mil-Spec A2 Carry Handle Upper
  • Pinned Mil-Spec A2 Front Sight Base

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Love the COLT LMG, Find it to be very Aesthetic and a total Vibe??? We do too!

Red Right Hand’s RESTO-Mod Upper. 

The Original Colt LMG was a huge inspiration for us produce our own version of the ultimate civilian auto-rifle upper, and Lead us to create our now infamous RECCE LMG uppers. We have always wished to offer a Clone-ish COLT LMG upper, but sourcing original spec’d Colt LMG parts is largely impossible. The Logistics to make a pure clone is a huge feat to accomplish and thats not something we can simply do as a small company. So, Red Right Hand set out with our “RESTO-Mod” project to play with the idea of building a “Colt HBAR A2” style upper that would have the COLT LMG look and feel. 

To accomplish this project, we teamed up Resto-Arms. The crew at RESTO-Arms is a small machine shop who has a lot of experience working with COLT and doing OEM work. They too have a love for the COLT LMG/LSW and even offer their own versions, go check those out too! Resto-Arms is able to produce the COLT LMG Handguards, so we had them produce a run for our RESTO-Mod uppers. These are the proper Thermo-set polymer, true to COLT LMG specs and are equipped with an Aluminum Heat Shield for even better heat resistance. 

Of course it has our Heat Mitigation System, it’s what we do at Red Right Hand! Our Heat sinks are pressed on the Chrome-Lined LMG HBAR barrel from the barrel nut to the FSB. We then mill our HMS after installation to clear a traditional Bent gas tube. However, we didn’t leave it as a plain stainless mil-spec gas tube! On this upper we are rocking the V7 Extreme Environment Inconel Gas Tube for extra heat resistance and it’s the proper gas tube for an upper of this nature. This upper will hold up to the higher expected firing schedules just like our RECCE LMG upper and Keeping to our Civilian Auto-Rifle upper pedigree. 

The Classic A2 Carry Handle upper was selected for this first run. We have proper Mil-spec A2 uppers and FSB’s for these builds.

This is a Limited run and Availability is limited. Pre-Order yours Today! 

Thank you for your Pre-Order and Support of our small business!

Weight 7.5 lbs
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