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RECCE M.A.R. - .308/7.62mm

Our Famous Heat Mitigation System now available on a .308 AR-10 pattern Upper! 

Build your own Medium Support Weapon!  

Choose from Multiple Rail systems, Charging Handles, Muzzle Devices, etc! 

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The RRH "Auto-Rifle" Uppers

If you’re looking to build a Light Support rifle, you’ll definitely want to check out our RECCE LMG or IAR uppers.

For the Serious Citizen, our “Auto-Rifle” Style uppers will take your Squad Capabilities to the next level. By investing in a Red Right Hand’s RECCE Series of uppers, you are investing in the ultimate equipment for accuracy and durability.

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Our goal was to create our unique LMG upper inspired by the classic COLT LMG. Designed and built to handle heavier volumes of fire over standard Carbine type uppers. We utilize a HBAR Barrels along with an enhanced cooling system of our own design that we manufacture and build into the system.

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Complete Rifle Uppers

If you’re looking for a high-performance rifle, you’ll definitely want to check out precision-made rifle uppers.

Whether you’re a Serious Citizen, Competitive Shooter, Hunter, Law Enforcement or Military personnel, our precision-made rifle uppers will take your shooting game to the next level. By investing in a Red Right Hand precision-made rifle upper, you are investing in the ultimate equipment for accuracy and durability.

Looking for a 16" Auto-Rifle Style Upper? Check out our

Infantry Automatic Rifle Upper

Our goal was to create a version of the M27 IAR upper that would address issues with the M27, namely Heat and Gas Performance while Suppressed.

We designed our Heat Mitigation System to fit a 16″ Mid-length SOCOM HBar barrel and straight gas tube. Just like our RECCE LMG upper line, the IAR v1’s barrel and gas system is incased with our 6061 Aluminum Heats Sinks and Copper/Nickel Alloy gas tube Heat Sink.

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Parts and Accessories

Looking for Components that delivers unbeatable performance?

Check out our selection of top-quality receivers and parts. Whether you’re building a new rifle or upgrading an existing one, we have everything you need to achieve superior accuracy and reliability. Our Upper receivers and parts are made to exacting standards here in the USA, and our In-House Quality Assurance ensuring that every component meets the highest quality requirements. Trust in our expertise and precision engineering to deliver the ultimate shooting experience.

Why Choose RRH?

Precision Engineering

Trust in precision rifle engineering to provide the ultimate shooting experience, delivering unmatched accuracy and durability. Our precision rifle engineering sets the standard for high-performance rifles, ensuring top-quality materials and exacting manufacturing standards to achieve ultimate precision and consistency.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Our Lifetime Limited warranty ensures that your purchase is protected for as long as you own it, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your investment.With our lifetime warranty, you can rest assured that your product is built to last and that we stand behind our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Locally made in Idaho

Our products are proudly built in Idaho, using top-quality materials and expert craftsmanship to ensure unbeatable performance and durability.

High quality gunsmithing

Experience the unmatched precision and attention to detail of our superior quality gunsmithing services.

Media Buzz

Print Shoot Repeat's "US AR-PK"

Video Review by PSR: This is the RECCE LMG upper from Red Right Hand LLC and it’s a 20” quad railed beast that employs an innovative heat mitigation system in its design.

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Administrative Results "American RPK"

Video Review by Administrative Results. The American RPK project. The Marine Corps M27 IAR is considered the American RPK. Upper Receiver provided by Red Right Hand LLC.

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Everyday Citizen's Tactical

Video Review by ECT: Review of RECCE LMG upper from Red Right Hand LLC as seen in our Modern Minute Man series.

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Alpha Charlie Concepts

Video Review by John at Alpha Charlie Concepts covering the Area Denial Weapon for the Armed Prepared Citizen using the RECCE LMG Upper Receiver featuring the Chrome-Lined Barrel.

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