GPR (16) Upper

  • Red Right Hand’s Premium 16″ 1/7 Twist 4150 Barrel, Nitride + by H&M
  • 5.56mm Nato Chambering
  • Riflespeed RS7548 Gas Control
  • Mid-length gas system, (.078 gas port)
  • Red Right Hand’s Mil-spec M4 Upper, Lapped.
  • 13″ Free Float Mlok Rail
  • A2 Birdcage Flash Hider
  • Gunsmith Level Assembly

Red Right Hand’s GPR(16) Upper

Utilizing Red Right Hand’s Premium 16″ 1/7 Twist 4150 Barrel. This barrel is Nitride + by H&M. Feature the Mid-length Gas system. The barrel is in  1/7 Twist with true 5.56mm chambering and features a 11 Degree Target Crown. These barrels shoot exceptional well and hold MOA with quality Match Ammo.

Standard with the GPR and Duty series of “Suppressor Ready” uppers, the 12 position Adjustable Riflespeed Gas Block is included with this upper. Factory “Bomb proof” installed, dial in your rifle with a twist of the control knob, no tools needed. This rifle is built to grow with you as the shooter. Add to it what you prefer. You know you want a silencer, now have a rifle that can properly tune to your choice of silencer when you cross the bridge into NFA land. In the meantime, adjust your system to your preferred ammo and shooting style, enjoying a top tier shooting experience and have the flattest shooting rifle in the crew even with a Flash hider.

*This upper is a “Build to Order” Item. We are a small business and All our GPR Uppers are  custom built to order.  Can be expected to ship 2 to 4 weeks after ordering. (Note: Muzzle Device Availability can affect lead time) We will keep you posted upon ordering, the customer will be able to contact us anytime to find out status.

Weight 2 lbs
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