RECCE M.A.R – 7.62 Nato

Red Right Hand’s RECCE M.A.R Upper

Our Modern Auto Rifle for the Modern Day Minuteman

  • 7.62x51mm Nato (.308 Win)
  • 20″ HBAR Barrel 1-10 Twist 4150cmv CHF Nitride
  • Red Right Hand’s Heat Mitigation System
  • Riflespeed Gas Control 7533
  • Aero M5 Upper (DPMS Pattern)
  • Complete your Upper choosing from multiple outfit options
  • Sold as a Complete Upper System (Upper, Charging Handle, BCG, Buffer & Recoil Spring)

*Including Sprinco Enhanced AR-10 Buffer Spring.
Use in Standard Mil-Spec Carbine Buffer Tubes.

Orders open. 

From the RECCE MMG Project, we are please to announce the RECCE M.A.R Upper. A Modern Auto-Rifle for the Modern Minuteman! Inspired by the infamous Browning Auto-Rifle which served the US Military in the Auto-Rifle billet from 1938 till the Mid 1950’s, but continued to serve in many other military’s around the world till the 1990s. The concept born for “Walking Fire” to assault trenches in WW1, the original BAR concept didn’t get fully realized until WW2 ,where in modern maneuver warfare the lighter but full caliber Auto-Rifle became a super effective combat role. Once the potential was realized, the billet was born to what we know today as the “Infantry Auto-Rifleman”.

After the release of our RECCE LMG uppers in 5.56mm, demands came pouring in for a version in 7.62 Nato for a Medium capability. The Medium Support Weapon role was realized by the community and we answered. Starting with the “RECCE MMG” project in spring 2023, we dove into designing and adapting our Heat Mitigation System to work with the AR-10 platform. The new RECCE MAR upper’s HMS is almost 40% larger than our HMS on our RECCE LMG uppers, and effectively handles the amount of heat generated by the larger .308/7.62 cartridge. Keeping this upper within safe operating temperatures longer, and aiding in faster cooling to extend performance and service life to all the core parts on the upper.

Purpose Driven, Purpose Built.

All RECCE M.A.R uppers are sold as a Complete Upper. All uppers come standard with our Heat Mitigation System (Barrel Heat Sinks and our new Heavy-duty Gas Tube Heat Sink coil), Riflespeed Gas Controls, a Cold Hammer Forged 4150 CMV Nitride 20″ HBAR Barrel, and Aero M5 Upper Receiver (DPMS High Pattern). Our Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) comes with each upper. These are OEM from KAK Industries and feature excellent Duel-Ejector Bolt, it is MPI tested, has a O-Ring Extractor kit installed, and is a Full Auto Profiled Carrier with a smooth Nitride Finish.


We are stocking up all the base parts needed for builds. We will have Aero M5 uppers as the initial offering, along with a few Rail options, Charging handles to choose from, buffer offerings and Muzzle device options as well. Customers can pick and choose whats gonna fill their needs best.

All Orders placed will have a 2-8 week lead time. (Depending upon selected parts availability at time of Order) BLK/LBL Handguards ship from Canada, so they will take longer than domestic rails to source. Some popular parts we offer can disappear from Distribution at times and be on back order via the respected manufacture. Red Right Hand LLC will notify the customer if there is any delay in completing their order if the parts needed exceed our standard lead times. 

Your Order of a RECCE M.A.R greatly helps out our small business!

Thank you for choosing Red Right Hand LLC!

Weight 8.5 lbs
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