Red Right Hand’s LMG HBAR Barrel (Chrome-lined)

20″ Barrel as Lord Eugene Designed

  • 4150 CMV Machine-Gun Rated Steel
  • Chrome-lined Chamber and Bore
  • 1/7 Twist Rifling
  • 5.56mm Nato Chambering
  • .980 HBAR Profile
  • .093 Gas Port / Rifle Length Gas System
  • Standard .750 Gas Journal
  • Phosphate Finish
  • Target Crown, 1/2-28 TPI Threaded

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Built to handle the Role of the “Auto-Rifleman” and our LMG Uppers.

We contracted Rosco Mfg to build us our LMG HBAR to our rigorous specifications to meet the demand for a Chrome-Lined Barrel option for Auto-rifle, LSW or American RPK builds, including our own. Button-nosed rifled, these barrels are extremely accurate and rugged.

This is the same barrel now offered as our “RRH Chrome-lined” on all our RECCE LMGs and Mil-spec LMG offered uppers.

Join the Holy Empire of the 20″ Barrel with our spec’d out LMG HBAR. Everything you need, nothing you don’t.


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