RRH’s Quick Detach Barrel System for Auto-Rifles

Ability to Change barrels in just seconds!

  • Quick and Easy use
  • Extended for great grip
  • Retain in Lower
  • Extend Barrel Life by cycling two or more barrels during use!

Everyone has been asking for a QD barrel solution for their RECCE LMG/IAR builds, and in General for LSW builds everywhere.

After countless moments of insane research and development, We have the solution for that need.

Simply put, the greatest QD barrel system on the market is here and it’s Affordable!

Maintain all your Optic zeros on each barrel, Fresh and Cool Bolt Faces and Chambers between barrels, with a super easy and caveman proof system!

Simply install our highly proprietary yet universally fit QD Barrel system pins in place of the standard Mil-Spec Takedown pins in your lower and gain the endless QD barrel functionality in minutes.

Order yours today!

*****Barrels sold separately in the form of complete upper receiver groups, fresh bolt faces can be found in spare BCGs installed in spare upper receiver groups***** Two is One, One is None.***** 

Yes this is an April Fools Joke… Yes, You can still buy these take-down pins in a kit from us. Made by KAK, they fit all mil-spec lowers, we use these pins on our post sample lowers for easy upper swaps for testing your uppers. 

Weight 2 lbs
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