16″ SC Upper

  • RRH Premium Series 16″ Barrel  (.078 Gas Port)
  • 5.56 Nato Chambering
  • 1/7 Twist, 4150 CMV, Black Nitride+ by H&M
  • Aero Precision Adjustable Gas Block (15 Settings)
  • 13″ Mlok Free-Floating Rail
  • A2 Birdcage
  • RRH Mil-spec Upper (Lapped)
  • RRH Mil-spec Upper Parts kit
  • Gunsmith level Assembly

The New “SC” line up from Red Right Hand.

“Suppressor Capable” uppers that come in at lower cost to Our Duty & GPR Series of “Suppressor Ready” Uppers.

We understand you may not need the capability to readily switch the gas the turn of a dial but need the ability to possibly adapt to a silencer here and there and master the role of becoming suppressed. These uppers where designed to be able to accept and be tuned for that use once it becomes available.

Enter the “SC” line up from Red Right Hand llc.

Using the proven and capable Aero Precision Adjustable gas block at the heart of this upper, The End user can dial in their system and adapt to the silencer of choice when needed. Not a field swappable system, but a system, that can be geared to one role and dialed in for perfect function prior. These uppers bridge the gap between a standard mil-spec gas system and the excellent Riflespeed gas systems available on the Duty & GPR series. Coming at a more affordable cost to entry, and still built for hard-use, look no further than the SC series of Uppers from Red Right Hand.

*This upper is a “Build to Order” Item. We are a small business and All our SC Uppers are custom built to order.  Can be expected to ship 2 to 6 weeks after ordering. (Availability of Aero Gas blocks can increase this lead time) We will keep you posted upon ordering, the customer will be able to contact us anytime to find out status.

Weight 2 lbs
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