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Build out your own RECCE LMG Upper!

Pick your Upper.

Pick your Rail System.

Pick your Muzzle Device.

Add your desired BCG, Charging Handle & More!

Customizable RECCE LMG Upper.

We have built many different combinations of our infamous RECCE LMG upper and we decided to make the most common upgrades available to our customers in a “Built your Own” Format!

The core RECCE LMG is retained. These uppers still utilize the 20″ HBAR 4150 CMV Nitride Barrel chambered in 5.56Nato with either a 1/7 Twist, or 1/9 Twist. Also Available is Red Right Hand’s LMG Chrome-Lined HBAR by Rosco MFG. Complete with our Heat Mitigation System (Barrel Heat sinks and Gas Tube Heat Sink) and equipped with the Riflespeed Gas Controls. Our quality OEM Mil-spec parts are installed and your upper is still built with Gunsmith Level Assembly. Buyers can now choose from a few styles of Uppers, along with an array of Rail Systems that work with our Heat Mitigation System, which still allow full use of the mounting systems and keep the barrel free-floating for excellent accuracy.

Available Uppers are: Red Right Hand’s Lapped Mil-spec Upper, Our new Billet Upper option, and both Aero’s M4E1 Uppers (One with and one without Forward assist).

These are the Approved Rail systems that we like and have confirmed work with our system!

  • Gieselle MK8 pattern rails
  • BLK/LBL’s Line of Bipod Rails
  • Griffin Armament Suppressor Ready Mlok
  • Midwest Combat Quad Rails
  • Aero Precision’s Enhanced Rail Systems Gen 2 (Mlok/Quad)
  • SLR Helix Quad Rails

Any rail choice longer than 14″will step up to the longer versions of Riflespeed Gas Controls (7533/7543), These options will leave the gas block buried deeper into the handguard and have the extended control knob, They will still be serviceable but maybe not as “Field Serviceable” like the shorter railed versions. (ie. May require more effort to disassemble/reassemble). This doesn’t effect any function of the Gas control and they still are “Duty Grade” and require little maintenance. We will automatically order and install the proper length Riflespeed to your chosen configuration. All Riflespeed GasControls are Double Dimpled and Pinned standard, (bomb-proof install).

Available Muzzle devices are excellent KAK Industries Flash Hiders that excel in this role or awesome Silencer mounting solutions.

RECCE LMG Customized Order 2023.  All Orders placed are Build to Order. Unlike our Standard RECCE LMG uppers that ship within a 4-8 week lead time, The nature of this level of customization, Customized LMGs can have a 4-12 week lead time depending on parts/services selection.

BLK/LBL Handguards ship from Canada, and on average can take up to 6 weeks to receive on their own. Riflespeed 7533/7543 Gas Controls are fast becoming the go to version for many other OEMS, and sometimes We have to wait for more to come in. Overall, most parts will be sourced for your order in a timely manner. But variable lead time is to be expected with this order. We appreciate you patience and support of our small business!

Thank you for choosing Red Right Hand LLC!


Red Right Hand’s development of the 20” RECCE LMG Uppers

Our goal was to create our unique LMG upper inspired by the classic COLT LMG. Designed and built to handle heavier volumes of fire over standard Carbine type uppers. We utilize a HBAR Barrels instead of using lighter weight profiles such as government, pencil, hanson, other light weight tapers. In addition to the HBAR barrel, we designed and produce our enhanced cooling system to be built in.

Red Right Hand’s Heat Mitigation system (HMS) is designed to help keep the overall temperatures lower and aid in cooling of the barrel and gas system faster than a standard direct impingement system. Our 6061 Aluminum heat sinks draw and disperse heat faster than just steel. These simple heat sinks use thermal dynamics via the use of Aluminum on Steel, drawing heat away as it builds up in the heavier profile HBAR barrel, and adds additional surface area to aid in cooling.

In addition, Our H.M.S Copper/Nickel Alloy heat sink coil pulls and disperses heat from the straight gas tube. This keeps the gas tube from expanding and passing more gas into the system as well as prolonging the lifespan of the gas tube. This reduction in heat prolongs life of the upper, keeps the operator safer, reduces the risk of cook-offs and helps the overall thermal signature of the weapon system

Choosing the right gas system to fulfill the requirements for the modern era:

We also chose to use the straight gas tube over the traditional bend gas tubes. Mil-spec bend gas tubes allow build up of heat in those bends which can lead to failure. This issue is reduced drastically with a straight gas tube and additionally lead to a more constant gas pressure to the carrier key.

Another major design part which we felt was necessary to have with these uppers was the ability to adjust the gas. We looked to the firearms market to find the right OEM choice for our product. After testing many others, we chose the Riflespeed Gas Controls. Hands down preformed the best and has major advantages over the others. No need for any tools to adjust and the Riflespeed gas control is very user serviceable. Having this ability to adjust the gas to the system can allow the end user to tune not only the amount of gas you want for operation, you can tune for whatever ammo, buffer weight or trigger system you may have equipped in your final build. Major advantage to using Riflespeed also comes when adding a silencer to the upper, the gas control can tune right into the back pressure profile of whatever silencer you use. Trimming the amount of gas entering into the system also helps keep the overall upper cooler by lowering rate of fire and limiting the extra heat built up by excess gas.

Weight 7.5 lbs
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