RRH’s Mil-Spec IAR

  • BA 16″ SOCOM HBAR 4150 CMV
  • Black Nitride or Chrome-Lined Options Available
  • 1/7 Twist / 5.56mm Nato, Mid-length Gas system
  • Red Right Hand’s Non-Adjustable HTB
  • Red Right Hand’s Heat Mitigation System
  • Gunsmith level Assembly
  • Red Right Hand’s Lapped Mil-spec Upper
  • Quality OEM Mil-spec upper parts
  • Midwest Industries 12.65″ Combat Rail 
  • A2 Bird Cage Flash Hider

UPDATE: 6/27/24 Mil-spec IARs will only have the 12.65″ MI Quad Rail Option,  Updated Pictures to Follow.

The Creation of Red Right Hand’s Mil-Spec IAR

Infantry Automatic Rifleman is a concept adopted and used by the USMC. The program was to replace major use of the M249 belt fed Light machine gun. The end goal was to field a rifle that is light weight, accurate and capable of handling more heat associated with the role of Auto-Rifleman, Thus bridging a gap between the rifleman and the M240 Gunner. The M27 has become a beloved weapon in the Marine corps arsenal. Our goal was to create a version of the M27 IAR upper that would address issue with the current issued HK M27, the heat that builds up in its barrel during heavy use.

Red Right Hand’s Heat Mitigation System. We designed our Heat Mitigation System to fit a 16″ Mid-length SOCOM HBAR barrel and straight gas tube. Just like our RECCE IAR upper line, the Standard IAR barrel’s and gas system’s is incased with our 6061 Aluminum Heats Sinks and Copper/Nickel Alloy gas tube Heat Sink. The SOCOM profiled HBAR paired with our HMS system is a game changer, in testing we have seen insane numbers of heat reduction. Effectively putting this upper comfortably into the Auto-rifleman role without sacrificing accuracy or reliability of the system.

For the Mil-spec IAR upper we designed our own non-adjustable gas block to work with our Famous Heat Mitigation System and lower the cost to entry without sacrificing the advantages of our design. Not all our customer’s desired the advantages of the adjustable systems found on the RECCE IARv1 or piston driven v2, some just want to run un-suppressed and we understand that.

Red Right Hand’s HTB is our simple designed non-adjustable gas block. Designed and Made to work with Straight Gas-Tubes and our HMS cooling system. This heat-treated 4140 gas block is installed with double dimples and Knurled Set Screws. One last trick up it’s sleeve is its coating… We have these coated in Cerakote’s Heat Transfer coating, this coating helps the steel shed heat faster than other available finishes! The increased ability to shed the heat was important to us, so this was an excellent choice.

The Mil-spec IAR uppers are gassed like any other properly gassed Mid-Length upper (.078 gas ports). When paired with different buffer and spring weights, end-users can find their desired ROF and ejection pattern with their chosen ammo. Otherwise these IAR uppers will behave like every other smooth shooting Middy rifle. For running un-suppressed, these are gassed great.

Optional PARA Mod. Is a Cut/Crown/ Threading service option. This makes the Standard RECCE IAR go from a 16″ Barrel to either 12.5″ or 13.5″ barrel. *Only available to use the 10″ MI Combat Quad Rail selecting this service.*

Mil-Spec IAR Production 2024.  All Orders placed are built to order. Uppers should ship 4-8 weeks from date of order unless noted above. Thank you for your patience.

Thank you for choosing Red Right Hand LLC!

Weight 7.5 lbs
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