RRH’s Mil-spec LMG

  • 20” HBAR 5.56 Nato Black Nitride (4150 CMV) Standard
  • Upgrade Available to Red Right Hand’s LMG Chrome-Lined HBAR by Rosco
  • 1/7 or 1/9 Twist Options
  • Red Right Hand’s Heat Mitigation System for Barrel and DI Gas system
  • Red Right Hand’s Non-Adjustable HTB
  • 15” Midwest Industries Quad Rail
  • Red Right Hands Mil-spec Lapped Upper
  • Quality OEM Mil-spec upper parts
  • Multiple Flash Hider Options

Lead Times Below.

UPDATE: LMG Uppers ordered on or after 6/25/24 will ship with a 15″ MI Quad Rail. 

Red Right Hand’s Mil-Spec LMG Upper

Our goal was to create an affordable LMG upper inspired by the classic COLT LMG and our RECCE LMG upper. Still designed and built to handle heavier volumes of fire over standard Carbine type uppers. These uppers still utilize HBAR Barrels instead of using lighter weight profiles such as government, pencil, hanson, other light weight tapers. In addition to the HBAR barrel, we designed and produce our enhanced cooling system to be built in.

Red Right Hand’s Heat Mitigation system (HMS) is designed to help keep the overall temperatures lower and aid in cooling of the barrel and gas system faster than a standard direct impingement system. Our 6061 Aluminum heat sinks draw and disperse heat faster than just steel. These simple heat sinks use thermal dynamics via the use of Aluminum on Steel, drawing heat away as it builds up in the heavier profile HBAR barrel, and adds additional surface area to aid in cooling. In addition, Our H.M.S Copper/Nickel Alloy heat sink coil pulls and disperses heat from the straight gas tube. This keeps the gas tube from expanding and passing more gas into the system as well as prolonging the lifespan of the gas tube. This reduction in heat prolongs life of the upper, keeps the operator safer, reduces the risk of cook-offs and helps the overall thermal signature of the weapon system

For the Mil-spec LMG upper we designed our own non-adjustable gas block to work with our Famous Heat Mitigation System and lower the cost to entry without sacrificing the advantages of our design. Not all our customer’s desired the advantages of an adjustable system, some just want to run un-suppressed and we understand that.

Red Right Hand’s HTB is our simple designed non-adjustable gas block. Designed and Made to work with Straight Gas-Tubes and our HMS cooling system. This heat-treated 4140 gas block is installed with a double dimple using Knurled Set Screws and pinned to the barrel. One last trick up it’s sleeve is its coating… We have these coated in Cerakote’s Heat Transfer coating, this coating helps the steel shed heat faster than other available finishes! The increased ability to shed the heat was important to us, so this was an excellent choice.

The Mil-spec LMG uppers are gassed like any other M16 Spec. When paired with different buffer and spring weights, end-users can find their desired ROF and ejection pattern with their chosen ammo. Otherwise these LMG uppers will behave like every other smooth shooting M16. For running un-suppressed, these are gassed great.


Standard LMG upper Production 2024.

LMG Production 2024. All Orders placed are built to order. Mil-Spec LMG uppers ship in a 4-8 week lead time.  Thank you for your patience.

Thank you for choosing Red Right Hand LLC!

Weight 7.5 lbs
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